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Relaxwell Mattresses

Blissful Sleep Since 1994

Experience the miracle called good sleep.

Sri Venkateswara Coir Pvt Ltd
2 Decades of Uncompromising Attention to Quality.

Sri Venkateswara Coir Products Private Limited(“SVCPPL”) was incorporated in December, 1992 and commenced production of rubberised coir products on 11.02.1994 at Hyderabad with the brand name of ‘relaxwell®’ which is the Company’s Registered Trade Mark. The Company was promoted under the able guidance of Sri N.K.Mehta, a veteran in this Industry. In 1996-97 the management of the Company was further strengthened with the entry of Malani Group of Hyderabad. Sri N.K.Malani was appointed as Managing Director in April, 2005.  The rubberized coir division is ISO certified.

Under the able and determined guidance of the management, the brand acceptability and market share went up. To match the requirements, the production levels also were increased from a modest 600 MT p.a. to 2400 MT p.a. In 2009 the Company commenced production of Bonnel Spring Mattresses and in 2011 of Pocketed Spring Mattresses. Subsequently, the company had set up a state of the art continuous plant for the manufacture of PU Foam.

SVCPPL has all required facilities in house with well trained and qualified manpower.  It has well equipped laboratory for testing its coir and foam products.

The Company initially had its operations in Andhra Pradesh.  It subsequently expanded its operations and now has a presence in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Odisha and Karnataka.

Relaxwell as a brand is well know for giving quality products to its customers.  Relaxwell products offer excellent “value for money”.

A Mattress Makes All The Difference

Good sleep is essential to revive onself. 1/3rd of our life, which we spend in sleep, is the key to rejuvenate a tired body and a fatigued mind. It enable the body to remain fit and healthy, so that in the remaining 2/3rd we live to the fullest. And for a sound sleep, a scientifically designed mattress is vital. This is where Relaxwell steps in.

Sleep and rest are the most important things along with work and play. A restful night recharges you to take on the day and succeeded in whatever you choose to do. For more than 2 decades, Relaxwell has been in the forefront of producing quality mattresses that help people have a sound and restful sleep.

Over the years Relaxwell has been refining its “sleep-aid and back-support technology” and has perfected the art of crafting a mattress that is not only comfortable but aids overall health. The mattresses are made from high quality coir & latex, special spring steel wire, foam and other quality raw materials to ensure that you get the proper quality of sleep which you deserve.

Relaxwell Mattress Manufacturing Factory

Adjusts On Both Sides
Adjusts on both sides, so it’s perfect for couples

Contours To You
For more proper spinal alinment so you toss and turn less.

Sleep Quality
To relieve back pain and improve sleep quality

Highly Recommended
91% of bed owners say they’drecommend Relaxwell.





Experience the miracle called good sleep.