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Coir Mattress

The Original Favourite Of All Mattresses

The Original Favourite Of All Mattresses

Nothing comes close to the comfort and health benefits of a natural coir mattress. Made from coir these mattresses breathe and provide the much-required support to the spine and ensure a restful sleep. Being the flagship product of Relaxwell, you have a large choice among coir mattresses Hyderabad, India to pick from starting with the affordable Janata range to the most advanced rubberized coir mattress range of Celeste.


This mattress is an ideal choice for the budget conscious. It combines affordability and design, without any compromise on quality. The quilted finish feels comfortable. It comes in attractive designs, to add that touch of elegance to your bedroom.

Budget Mattress in India : Relaxwell Mattress


If it is value for money you are looking for, this mattress is the perfect choice. It is a mattress that has been specially designed with great attention. The mattress is reinforced with High density Rebonded foam. This combination provides the required back support which is a very important feature in a mattress.

Affordable Coir Mattress : Relaxwell Mattress


This mattress offers great value for money. This is made high density rubberized coir with topping high density Rebonded foam. It has a deep & thick quilted fabric cover in very attractive designs.

Rubberised Coir Mattress : Relaxwell Mattress


This is an Orthopaedic mattress designed to provide comfort and support to your support to your back. This mattress has a density rubberized coir base with superior PU foam topping and memory foam quilted on the fabric. These help the mattress in taking the shape of your body and provide comfort to your back.

Orthopedic Coir Mattress : Relaxwell Mattress


This luxury mattress in the coir range comes at an affordable price. This mattress has a combination of high density rubberized coir and hard foam sandwich with a topping of HR foam to give you a comfortable feel. This mattress is presented in Euro style to give it a comfortable appearance.

Affordable Coir Mattress in India


This luxurious mattress is made from high density rubberized coir, Natural Rubber latex and has its own unique configuration topped off with a luxurious fabric. Being quilted in a rich pattern on both sides this mattress will give you restful sleep. This mattress adds elegance, style & class to your bedroom.

Luxurious Mattress : Relaxwell


This mattress is the epitome of luxury & class. This mattress is manufactured with high density rubberized coir with a thick topping of high-density Visco elastic memory foam. Memory foam relieves pressure points and ensures blissful sleep. The mattress comes in rich and attractive quilted fabric which gives the classy look and feel.

Luxury Coir Mattress in Hyderabad, India : Relaxwell

Experience the miracle called good sleep.