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PU Foam

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PU Foam Mattress Sheets :Relaxwell Mattress

PU Foam

We are manufacturing quality PU Foam. Our unit has an updated Modern European continuous Foaming Machine with all the required machineries as well as requisite testing lab ; We are manufacturing various grades of Foam such as the Premium & Semi-Premium Segments as well as Super Soft, HR, Peeled Foam, FR Foam, technical grades of Foam used in automobile & other industries. We also manufacture Rebonded Foam. We are registered with the Bureau of Indian Standards and are having ISI License.

Acoustic applications

For sound absorption in theatres, public rooms, electronic data processing industries, automotive engine testing rooms, aeronautical and transport industry.


Cushions are a great addition to your decoration at home and office. But, regular cushions do not last and become lumpy over time. Our memory cushions are built to last the test of time and provide the ultimate comfort.


Your home furniture is what defines you. It’s only natural that what you want for your home should be the best and last long. At Relaxwell, we only produce the highest quality of foam which lasts for a long time and guarantees no sagging over time.

Leather goods

PU Leather is a good ethical alternative to leather made from animal products. PU leather is waterproof, can be dry-cleaned, is soft and supple and much lighter than real leather. And although it tears more easily than genuine leather, the synthetic leather form does not crack or fade under sunlight, making it particularly ideal for automobiles.


Relaxwell foam mattresses are made of high-quality foam with a specially designed configuration. They are quilted to provide an elegant, classy look and feel, with better durability. Memory foam molds as per the body contour. It evenly distributes body weight and relieves pressure points.


Our foam pillows are built to provide ultimate comfort and relief. They are built with the highest quality of our PU foam.


Our PU Foam has used in quilting our mattresses. Using PU foam for quilting provides with certain benefits like breathability, temperature regulation and extra softness to the mattress


Our PU Foam is used to manufacture cleaning products like sponges. Sponges made from PU Foam have a higher capacity, changes density with the temperature of water used with and a very handy product in household cleaning

Textile laminations

Relaxwell PU Laminated textiles have a strong skid resistant and good water absorbing qualities. These laminated textiles are best used for the production of Yoga Mats and rod wraps.

Transport seating

PU Laminated textiles are best used in automobiles for upholstery. This fabric is environmentally friendly, is low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and produces low odor. This is a very cost effective solution to your automobile upholstery needs.

Industrial Applications

Relaxwell PU Foams are used in major appliances is rigid foams for refrigerator and freezer thermal insulation systems. Rigid polyurethane foam is an essential and cost-effective material that can be used for meeting required energy ratings in consumer refrigerators and freezers. The good thermal insulating properties of rigid polyurethane foams result from the combination of a fine, closed-cell foam structure and cell gases that resist heat transfer.